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The Control Shop Ltd offers a full calibration service for all the temperature monitoring equipment that we supply.
- Six point traceable calibration certificate
- Loan instrument service
- On or Off site
- Fast & reliable service
- UKAS calibration available if required
Our standard traceable calibration certificate for handheld digital thermometers shows the deviations from standard at 6 check points across the range of the instrument (-20°C, 0°C, +30°C, +50°C, +70°C and +100°C, or -20°C, 0°C, +30°C, +70°C, +100°C and +150°C) and also shows the accuracy of the instrument.
We can calibrate your equipment either on or off site and we offer a full loan service* whilst the calibration is being completed so that you are never without an instrument.
Services and Standards.
The Control Shop has a number of experienced instrumentation engineers available to offer a range of services including scheduled calibration visits, thermal surveys, breakdown call-outs, installation and commissioning of new equipment, off-site instrument repairs, and staff training.
We offer on-site UKAS traceable calibration of a wide range of process control instrumentation, including the following items:
Temperature indicators, controllers, and recorders
Pressure gauges and transducers
Humidity indicators and controllers
Voltmeters and Ammeters
PH, TDS and conductivity meters and controllers

In addition, we can remove from site a large variety of portable test equipment for calibration.
The heat treatment industry in particular is going through a period of increasing regulation. The Control Shop can offer advice, equipment, and practical solutions to help you towards achieving and maintaining the pyrometry requirements of BS2M54:1991, AMS2750D, RPS953, CQI9, and RPS702 by performing calibrations, temperature uniformity surveys and system accuracy tests, and by supplying new instrumentation and UKAS calibrated thermocouples.

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The Control Shop Ltd can offer calibration traceable to National Standards or UKAS if required, in any of the following:
- Temperature
- Humidity
- PH
- Weight
- Sound
- Measurement
- Resistance
- Speed
- Flow
- Thickness
- Flatness

- Hardness
- Pressure
- Time
- Torque

*Loan instrument may be different from the instrument being calibrated
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